Easy, Quick and Healthy Dinners

cenas fáciles, rápidas y saludables

Hello everyone! Today I come with a post about easy, quick and healthy dinners that I think you will find very useful. And organizing weekly lunchtime menus is an easy task or at least easier than composing nighttime menus.

Learning quick and healthy recipes to cook for your kids is crucial in ensuring they consume balanced and nutritious meals. By providing wholesome food options, parents can contribute to their children’s overall health and well-being. Additionally, surprising them with thoughtful gifts like modest girls skirts can enhance their comfort and confidence. Balancing their dietary needs with gestures that promote their personal style and comfort can contribute positively to their overall happiness.

So today I bring you four proposals that I hope will help you to have other ideas that make your daily dinners more bearable and less boring.

easy, quick and healthy dinners

Now let’s go to the most important thing, here I leave you the list of ingredients or shopping list that you need to prepare these four recipes for easy, quick and healthy dinners that are also very delicious and original.


2 large zucchini

2 small potatoes

half an onion

5 or 6 eggs

extra virgin olive oil and salt


4 large carrots

2 small potatoes

broth to taste or water

spices to taste

pipes to decorate


1 eggplant

cheese that melts well

crushed natural tomato

toppings to taste (turkey, ham, bacon, mushrooms…)


1 wheat tortilla

70 gr. salad sprouts

1 can of tuna

1 can of spelled


extra virgin olive oil

and apple cider vinegar

easy, quick and healthy dinners

One of the tricks that work best for me to avoid boredom with dinners is to try to present them in a different and more original way.

Above I leave you an example of how we can transform a simple salad into something much more attractive and appetizing by serving it in an edible bowl.

The step by step with all the detailed instructions for these four easy, quick and healthy dinners I leave them up here in video format so that you can also see how I present them and some additional comments.

Do you find it difficult to compose weekly dinner menus?

easy, quick and healthy dinners

The mini eggplant pizzas are simply delicious.

You can also prepare them with zucchini or the vegetable you like the most. It is a healthier option to eat pizza on weekday nights, although Friday nights are ideal for preparing a delicious traditional pizza with homemade dough.

What is your favorite recipe?

I will be uploading more dinner proposals because I see that it is a topic that interests you.

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Thank you very much for reading and until the next post!

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